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What Do We Inspect?

A home inspection is a non intrusive, visual examination of the essential components of a residential home, performed in accordance with the International Asscoiation of Certified Home Inspector Standards of Practice.  The purpose of the inspection is to evaluate, within the identifed limitations,  the functionality of fixed systems of a home, as well as any safety issues observed on the day of the inspection.

This information provides YOU, the home owner / buyer with the essential information needed to make educated decisions about the condition of your property.

  • Roof

    The roof covering, gutters, roof penetrations (vents, flashings, skylights, chimney) and general structure of the roof is examined.

  • Exterior

    The home lot is inspected for landscaping affecting surface drainage and exposure. The home exterior (walls, siding, flashing, trim), penetrations (doors, windows) and associated attached structures (stairs, railings, decks) are inspected for safety, integrity, barrier to water intrusion and need of repair.

  • Structure and Foundation

    The visual structure of the home and the foundation are inspected for movement (settling or cracking) and indicaitons of water penetration, including wood contact with soil or rot.

  • Electrical

    The integrity of the electrical service for the home is inspected to ensure required safety and performance considerations are in place. Inspection begins at the service drop (service entrance conduit) and meter, and continues onto the main service panel, which is checked for service amperage rating, appropriate grounding / bonding and observed deficiencies (scortching, missing covers, loose wires, double taps etc). The branch circuits throughout the house will be verified for proper wiring and Ground Fault / Arc Fault protection.

  • Plumbing

    The water main and associated shut off will be located as the supply point to the home. The integrity of water heating equipment will be inspected (energy source, venting, temperature-pressure relief valve). The interior water supply system of fixtures, faucets and drains will be inspected for proper functionality. Toilets, showers, sinks and disposals will operated and checked for proper operation and absence of leaks.

  • Heating, Ventillation, Air Conditioning

    Proper operation of the air conditioning and heating systems will be inspected using normal operating controls. Visual inspectoin of accessable components will be performed to identify any drainage, corrosion or sealing issues.

  • Doors, Windows & Interior (incl Attic &Garage)

    Interior floors, walls, ceilings and stairways will be inspected for evidence of safety hazards, structural issues or water intrution. Doors and windows will be characterized inspected for normal operation, sealing and obvious fogging. Garage doors will be inspected including proper operation of automatic door controls and electronic sensors.

  • Mold (Optional Service)

    A mold inpection is a specialized, optional service. While fungi and specifically mold fungi occur naturally, high levels of mold have shown the potential to be health risks. If you have a concern about the presence of mold in your home, a mold inpection may be appropriate.

    Mold testing consists of collecting and comparing indoor / outdoor samples, inspecting the home for conditions condusive to mold growth, and swab sampling of suspected mold growths. Samples are sent to a lab for evaluation and a formal report is issued.

    Mold Inspection Standards of Practice 

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BEACHSIDE Home Inspection
452 Eagle Drive
Satellite Beach, FL 32937

ph: 321-431-9914